Create Your Publication Strategy for Career Success

Create a plan to convert doctoral writing into academic and professional publications in social sciences, education, or business fields.

Dr. Janet Salmons and
Dr. Helen Kara

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Create Your Publication Strategy for Social Impact

Create a plan to convert doctoral writing into publications that make a difference in nonprofit/NGO leadership, sustainability & social entrepreneurship fields.

Dr. Lynn Wilson and
Dr. Janet Salmons

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Create Your Publication Strategy is an interactive 6-week online course that includes feedback on posts and class assignments, as well as resources, exercises, and exchange with a small group  of writers.

Through six lessons you will:

  • Assess the publication potential of your thesis or dissertation. Know which parts of your dissertation or thesis to publish, and how to develop them for publication.
  • Reflect on scholarly or professional choices for getting published, in light of your career goals.
  • Evaluate options. Explore self-publishing, online publishing, or working with established publishers. Understand the pros and cons of publishing on social media or blogs as well as journal articles, cases, white papers, chapters or books.
  • Define a publication strategy. Develop a clearly defined 1- to 2-year strategy that aligns with your career goals and keeps you accountable.
  • Connect with a writing community. Benefit from evergreen access to the course and materials beyond the 6-week course.