If you have questions about the course, or need help deciding which section is best for you, please contact us at: info@path2publishing.com.

Who should take the Create Your Publication Strategy course?

This course is appropriate for anyone who has completed a thesis, dissertation, or other postgraduate capstone project within the last five years.

What distinguishes the two sections of the course?

If you choose Section 1, you will work with Drs. Janet Salmons and Helen Kara as co-facilitators. After reflecting on your career goals and evaluating the research and writing you've done so far, you will explore publication options and develop a strategy that enables you to move forward.

If you choose Section 2, you will work with Drs. Lynn Wilson and Janet Salmons as co-facilitators. After reflecting on your professional goals and commitments to social change and sustainability, you will consider ways that you can use publications to advance your causes. Then, you will evaluate the research and writing you've done so far, and develop a strategy that allows you to make an impact.


Will I receive feedback on my work? How can I communicate with the facilitators?

Of course! Each week of the course, you are asked to submit a specific deliverable. Course facilitators will offer feedback, resources, and ideas about your work and next steps. Course facilitators won't edit your writing, however, we can refer you to editors, writing coaches, and others who can help you shape work for publication.


Will I have access to course materials after the course concludes?

Yes, once the 6-week class has ended, you can continue to access course resources and new materials we add. You will also be invited to participate in any webinars or online discussions we offer. We hope you'll find fellow students with whom you can share ideas or collaborate beyond the time frame of the course.