How do I write for change?

You want to succeed in your academic, professional, or freelance career-- but you also want to make a difference. You may be teaching, consulting, or working in a nonprofit, NGO or social entrepreneurial start-up-- or trying to get one of these jobs. You want to reach thought-leaders, activists and change-agents in your network, and inform others of the need for new insights and practices.


What kinds of publications are best for your writing? Traditional or digital? Formal or informal? If these are questions you are asking, Create Your Publication Strategy for Social Impact is meant for you!

Create Your Publication Strategy in 6 Lessons


We will launch the new course with a synchronous webinar, so we have a chance to get acquainted and answer any questions. Over the next 6 weeks, you will work through the lessons at your own pace. We will provide an online discussion forum for you to exchange ideas with other writers in the course. Each of the lessons includes an overview, resources and readings, exercises and templates, and a suggested assignment. Facilitators will interact with you in the discussion forum, answer questions by email, and review your assignments. In the final week of the course, we will hold another webinar so you can share your progress and discuss your publication strategy.

Once the 6-week course has concluded, you will continue to have access to all of the materials (and any new materials we add.) You will be welcome to join in future discussions and webinars. We hope this course will become an ongoing resource and community for you as you develop and implement your publication strategy.

The course takes place in a Moodle classroom online. You will receive log in instructions once you have paid the tuition.